Tucson / ix35

Fashion-forward. Innovative. Futuristic


Exterior design
Times change, and what looks good does, too. The new Tucson/ix35 boasts a more innovative and distinct design that's sculpted and stable, and with a European flair.

Interior features
Climb into a space that's more elegant in its design than its predecessor yet more practical, roomy and versatile, too. You can even shift the rear seats to make room.

Experience all the impressive performance that Tucson/ix35 has to offer. This video will change the way you define how you control the vehicle.

Technical sheet

2.0 petrol 4x4 158 Ps
2.0 petrol 4x2 154 Ps
2.4 petrol 4x4 177 Ps
2.0 gazole 4x4 177 Ps

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